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Winter Driving Tips From Norton’s Body Shop

Winter ushers in a season that’s fraught with challenges for drivers. Icy roads and low visibility can turn a routine drive into a nightmare.

That’s why it’s worth reviewing a few tips to ensure a trouble-free driving winter.

Sometimes Waiting Out The Storm Is Smart

If weather conditions turn adverse, the first question worth asking yourself is if its worth it to drive. It may be worth delaying your travel plans for a while until the worst of the weather blows over. If you don’t have a pressing urgency to travel, skipping it keeps you off potentially hazardous roads.

If You Decide to Go, Then Take It Slow

If you decide to venture out despite weather warnings, keep one thing in mind. With slippery roads, it’s always best to take your time. Overcommitting or going too fast can result in spinouts or other accidents.

Be Visible

Headlights are useful for more than seeing at night.  If your vehicle’s headlights and taillights do not turn on automatically, turn them on during times of reduced visibility. Other motorists can see you better, so they can avoid pulling out in front of you or hitting you when passing or getting passed.

Always Decelerate and Accelerate Slowly

Don’t speed up and slow down erratically. Take a methodical pace that accounts for poor road conditions. By driving at a steady, measured speed, that isn’t too fast, slow, or erratic, you’re showing consideration for other motorists and passengers.

Fall Back Behind Fellow Drivers

Don’t follow other cars too closely. If you do, you won’t have enough time to stop cleanly if they suddenly hit the brakes.

If visibility is low, this adds a second problem. When you can’t accurately judge distance, your response time may be too slow if you need to brake quickly. Stay safe and keep a reasonable distance between cars to give everyone a break.

Avoiding the urge to drive aggressively in inclement weather helps to keep you and everyone else on the road safer.

And, it’s worth noting that while having a 4-Wheel or AWD vehicle helps maintain traction when the car is in motion, braking is going to present you with the same stopping problems other drivers are experiencing in lousy weather. Don’t overcommit to driving too fast in ice, snow, or high winds.

Service Your Car Before Winter

The great thing about winter is you know it’s coming! Mostly, it doesn’t sneak up on you without warning. That’s why it’s always a perfect idea to visit a qualified service center to have them check the car and prepare it for the rigors of winter driving.

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