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Automotive Paint

Auto paint damage can occur for many reasons. Whether you have been involved in a car accident, obtained rock chip damage or have fading of your original factory finish, the experienced team at Norton’s Body Shop can restore your vehicle to its showroom finish.

Not many things look worse than having a patch on your vehicle that is close to the color of the original finish, yet noticeably different.
Our I-CAR® GOLD CLASS® factory-trained paint technicians have the skill, training and tools necessary to match the exact color of your vehicle, even if the color has faded a bit over the years.

Norton’s Body Shop offers complete automotive paint and refinishing services for all vehicle makes and models with PPGTM industry leading automotive paint and refinishing products.

Our Future Cure downdraft paint booth with a mobile prep station is designed and engineered to remove harmful airborne contaminants that can affect your vehicles automotive paint finish. A perfect color match is a breeze with our in-house mixing system that takes the guesswork out of even the most complicated formulations.

Common automotive paint damage may occur due to the following:

If your vehicle has been subjected to constant changes in temperature your vehicle may be at a higher risk for premature rust. With rising and falling temperatures, the paint on your vehicle expands and contracts, which will result in cracks and chips that, over time, allow water to enter causing rust and more serious damage to your car.

Tar, concrete and other environmental elements may provide permanent damage when they adhere to the surface of your vehicle and go

The acidity contained within bird droppings can quickly erode the finish and paint on your vehicle, leaving you with permanent damage.

Generic cleaning products such as soap or washing detergent can cause significant damage to the visual appearance of your vehicle,
especially when applied with abrasive materials. When washing your car use products specially designed for automotive cleaning to avoid damage to your automotive finish.

While not all scratches and chips are avoidable, while traveling through rocky surfaces, proceed slowly and with caution to ensure the longevity of your vehicles factory finish.

For automotive paint and refinishing with the finest PPGTM products, turn to the experts at Norton’s Body Shop to ensure your vehicle is
restored to its original condition.


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