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Car Accident Checklist

What Are the Steps You Should Take After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are unexpected, ugly incidents that nobody enjoys. It’s not always easy to think on your feet after colliding with another vehicle. That’s why it’s vital to have a checklist in mind when it happens. Almost everyone gets in a car accident in their lifetime, so to be prepared if this happens to you is critical.

Get a Police Report Immediately

The first move to make after a collision is to call the police to file a police report. Make sure the officer comes to the scene and provides a statement about the happenings. That written record will serve as the facts in the case of insurance. Don’t assume that the police will automatically come to the scene of the accident. Call and make sure instead.

Leverage the Power of Your Smartphone

Smartphones are ideal tools after a vehicle accident. Use yours to record any details about the crash scene that you deem essential. Third parties may want to review your video later, so ensure it’s clear as possible. Fortunately, most smartphones do an excellent job or recording images and videos, so they help offer proof when filing a police or insurance report.

Don’t Leave the Scene Too Fast

Your instinct may be to leave the crash scene as fast as possible. However, even if you think the accident is no big deal, there’s a protocol to follow. Wait until the police arrive so that the officer on the scene can give you a completed police report.

Collect Contact Information From The Other Party Involved

After the dust settles, you and the other driver will need to exchange information. It’s best to keep your communications to a minimum.

Even if it seems tempting, don’t talk about who’s at fault. That may be a decision for a later date, so be brief and stick to the topic of exchanging contact and insurance information.

Get Medical Attention Right Away

There’s no point in neglecting your health and wellbeing. If you’re in a car accident, it’s worth a quick screening by qualified medical personnel to ensure you’re OK to drive or go home.

Sometimes accidents cause trauma or injuries that don’t seem bad at first but worsen over time. That’s why a cursory check is worth the time. If you’re bleeding or have pain, seek help at once.

Let Your Insurance Company Know

Since you’re exchanging information with the other driver, you may as well let your insurance company know about the incident. That way, they know about it immediately and don’t find out by a surprising claim. Never admit fault to an insurance company. Don’t admit fault to anyone at the crash scene, either. Leave it up to your lawyer to handle any legal repercussions from the accident.

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